Install and run using Cargo

To build and install the latest release of datafusion-cli from source, do:

cargo install datafusion-cli
#    Updating index
#  Installing datafusion-cli v37.0.0
#    Updating index
# ...

Install and run using Homebrew (on MacOS)

datafusion-cli can also be installed via Homebrew (on MacOS) like this:

brew install datafusion
# ...
# ==> Pouring datafusion--37.0.0.arm64_sonoma.bottle.tar.gz
# 🍺  /opt/homebrew/Cellar/datafusion/37.0.0: 9 files, 63.0MB
# ==> Running `brew cleanup datafusion`...

Run using Docker

There is no officially published Docker image for the DataFusion CLI, so it is necessary to build from source instead.

Use the following commands to clone this repository and build a Docker image containing the CLI tool. Note that there is .dockerignore file in the root of the repository that may need to be deleted in order for this to work.

git clone
cd arrow-datafusion
git checkout 12.0.0
docker build -f datafusion-cli/Dockerfile . --tag datafusion-cli
docker run -it -v $(your_data_location):/data datafusion-cli